Why U Should Update your Resume Regularly

Most of us “Millennials ” (born between 1977-1997) have jumped aboard the “job-hopping” bandwagon and stay in a job for less than three years. We are always on the lookout for interesting work across a variety of roles & companies that enable us to hone new skills.

In such a scenario, what we need to be always prepared with is an “updated resume”. You never know when opportunity comes knocking on your door.

Updating your resume helps you in the following ways:-

1)  Quickly respond to a recruiter who contacts you for a job opening  

In today’s world where technology changes overnight, there are times when there is an immediate need for a specific talented workforce. These job openings are to be filled up in record time. The recruiter who contacts you may not be able to give you enough time to update your CV and then you woefully watch someone else walk away with your prized job.

2)  To leverage your resume as a self-marketing tool

Your resume has to be a mirror image of your talent & experience and so logically should change regularly. It pays to include industry-relevant jargon, instances of your involvement as a process initiator to achieve an organizational goal, roles held that eventually became multi-functional, any volunteering work as part of company CSR activity and appreciation/ award earned.

3)  Analyse your career growth

Often while re-drafting your resume for a job opening you read about, you realize that your career development is not exactly on the track you thought it to be. You tend to study current industry trends and may even think of undergoing training to update your knowledge to climb up the corporate ladder.

Perchance you are currently working at your “dream company” in a profile that you love. However in the long run, it is a good practise to update your resume as often as it merits review.  You would be surprised at the number of changes that you would make regarding your role and responsibility, promotion, work-related awards & accolades and new certifications earned.

So update your resume to stay in the game. Then when the situation demands it, you are adequately armed to wield your CV and be the perfect person for that perfect job.

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