Technical Interview Demystified

The very thought of a technical interview brings to mind phrases like – “way too stressful, impossible to clear, what will they ask, what if I don’t know the answer, gives me the jitters, damn its tough” and so on.

Well-articulated profanities sighting fear, confusion, despair and the entire conundrum of emotions showcasing anxiety.

What’s important is –“Get your facts & mannerisms right”.

Almost every job-seeker has faultlessly done this bit – resume updated, interview skills sharpened and career goals defined. However one very important aspect of the job search – the technical interview: is paid much less attention.

In my experience as an interviewer, my observation is that the basic pattern of a technical interview followed across organizations is more or less the same. That’s very good news for job-seekers.

So just stick to following these simple rules and you will be through…..

a) Research This homework is a must. Gather as much information as possible that is relevant to the industry / company / job profile that you are applying for. This enables you to better comprehend how you can leverage your experience and qualifications to fit the role you are interviewing for.

b) Be presentable Tech companies believe in the more relaxed and casual style of dressing. That said it is in your interest to dress clean and smart with clothes neatly pressed. Considering that you most likely will feel stressed during the interview, wear something comfortable.

c) Keep your communication clear & precise Interviewers will not completely know your skill set unless you make it clear through your answers. Help the recruiter understand how skilled you really are, and avoid ambiguous answers. Be precise, rambling only wastes time. If you don’t know the answer to a question, don’t bluff. The recruiter can spot it easily and before you know you will be shown the door.

d) Step up on your technical fundas – Technology changes every day. Companies look for people with skills that are in tune with the market. So refresh the requisite core concepts and theories and build up a tech-toolbox to get you through the rigors of a technical interview. Questions are aimed to test the candidate’s hard-earned skill set. They range across disciplines and can include puzzles, short case-studies, problems designed to make you think hard & fast.

e) Create and maintain a good impression – Job-seekers often forget that the interviewer is ultimately human not a machine. In addition to the tech skills, one must not miss out on the soft skill part. Simple things like appropriate manner of greeting, asking relevant questions, being respectful and saying “thank you” can go a long way.

And last but not the least, always remember to send the recruiter a “thank you” mail. After all he/she did spend a considerable amount of time to validate your knowledge.

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