“Right person @ right time @ right job”

Businesses spend tones of time and money in order to train, motivate, or develop employees to scale up to a level that serves the bill. Yet they see people who are not performing adequately. In a world where changes happen with every tick of the clock, a bad hiring decision can be hazardous.

Our well-defined approach ensures that the candidate selected is a good match; whether it is with respect to the organization, skill or job function.

Our time bound and systematic methodology includes the following aspects:-

  • Identify the assignment needs and goals through extensive pre-project discussions with the client. Understand the current challenges & look for opportunities for improvement. Root cause analysis to define existing problems and consequently re-define the process.
  • Create a robust ‘Project plan’, with customized process maps, stakeholder identification, resource identification and allocation. For large assignments a thorough analysis is done of the existing systems and processes using tools such as FMEA, fishbone, process mapping etc.
  • Implementation of the plan through efficient resource deployment, pre-defined timelines and robust processes to ensure success of the project.
  • Measure the assignment as per required frequency and validate against pre-defined benchmarks.
  • Keep a look out for early warning signs and red flags. Adapt the process being followed to improvise results if need be and put control measures in place effectively.

This process has proved successful and been instrumental in Magna Infotech retaining almost 80% of its clientele year-on- year.

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