“Like” and “Share” your way to a dream job!

The message is loud and clear. Employers are using social media to screen candidates. So friends and colleagues, your social media presence can decide whether you are employable or not!

Put your best Web-foot forward, and choose to actively manage your online reputation.


The behemoth of job-hunting sites, where a mere skeletal presence simply will not do.

  • Profile – complete & up-to-date with education & professional work experience.
  • Connect to people who have careers you’re interested in.
  • Share articles or content with your network to boost your chances for getting a recruiter to notice you.


This is one media that all but blurs the line between professional and personal and hence must be handled with care.

  • Keep It Strictly Professional – Your posts, likes, groups, status messages must be fine-tuned to reflect correct professional expertise and interests.
  • Stay updated – Ensure that all your work/education data reflects your current position and past experience.

Your Facebook / LinkedIn page is the first impression the recruiter has of you. He doesn’t like you here; your interview isn’t going to happen.

So whether you “like” or “tweet or “share”, remember the recruiters are watching you.

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