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22 Aug 2016

Boosting Enterprise Projects with Skilled Technology Professionals

The automotive industry is one of the major drivers of India’s economic growth. Today, the brisk pace of technological advancement and the presence of leading automakers and suppliers bring out unprecedented career opportunities related to design, development,
18 Jan 2016

Contract Staffing Market in India – A Perspective

Contract staffing in India is one of the oldest forms of manpower engagement and has been practiced over several centuries. The early kingdoms used to take people on contract to fight battles and they got a share
4 Sep 2015

Middle Management Career Balance

Middle managers are among the most valuable knowledge assets within the organization; they have substantial insights about how the business can be improved, how things work and how work gets done. They are the managers who have
4 Sep 2015

Cultural Fit in the Workplace: How Personality Affects Hiring

Cultural fit has become one of the most important factors in final selection of people into any organization. This is especially critical in middle to senior roles in an organization as any gap here sets back both