8 Reasons Why Contract Staffing is on the Rise

“Contract Staffing” as the name suggests is a way of recruiting required manpower on a project basis. Year on year, there has been a steady increase in demand for temporary staffing as businesses are increasingly realizing the pros of contract staffing. A lot of organizations have noticed increased output, at different levels, by taking up contract staffing. A few key benefits listed below are noteworthy.

Project Specific: Post the recession in 2008; many companies prefer temporary project based employees, who play an important role in the workforce owing to an element of uncertainty in the business.
Flexibility: Staffing flexibility is increased as it permits the organization to obtain the required capabilities as per specific project timelines. This helps in being more agile and cost effective while managing manpower and other resources.
Diversified Talent Pool: Outsourced workers from different geographic locations bring in a fresh perspective into the firm, creating new avenues and recognizing new opportunities. This kind of a different yet feasible perspective helps an organization in the long run.
Testing Waters: To help employers gauge if a candidate hired possesses the right skills, many of them prefer the temporary to permanent conversion i.e. Try-before-you-buy approach.
Economical: Overall cost processes and hassles are reduced especially with respect to administration, pre hire costs, payroll etc. There is just one fixed cost, one invoice periodically and no red tape issues.
Speed: Since the hassle of overall processes is drastically reduced, the complete procedure is quicker than regular hiring. This ensures that an organization has immediate access to candidates with specific skill sets as per their requirement.
Access to Competent Personnel: Temporary workers include highly skilled individuals with a wide range of educational backgrounds and work experience. These individuals can tackle critical time bound projects as they hit the ground running.
Financial Soundness: Organizations with a balance between permanent and temporary employees have shown better financial performance. The permanent employees are well versed with the goals of the organization and the temporary employees have specialized skills required for the projects at hand. (Source: Research from Lehigh University and the University of Oklahoma)
With a plethora of benefits, Contract Staffing can prove to be an essential tool for organizational growth.

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